Testicular Tumors

What is a testicular tumor?

Boys have two testicles, which are the male sex glands located in the scrotum. A testicular tumor is a benign or malignant growth in a testicle. These tumors are very rare but when they do occur, they often occur in boys younger than five. About 2% of pediatric tumors are testicular tumors.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms include swelling and hardness of the scrotum, an abnormal shape or size of a testicle, or a node in the testicle. Some tumors cause pain in the affected testicle. Most of the time, these symptoms indicate a less serious problem, such as a hydrocele or hernia but a physician should examine the child to be sure.

How is it treated?

Your physician will first order tests that will help give a better picture of the size, type, and other aspects of the testicular tumor. Your child will probably have an ultrasound. A biopsy (where a sample of tissue is removed from the tumor and examined under a microscope) also may be necessary. Other tests may be performed depending on your child's specific needs.

Whether testicular tumors are benign or malignant, they usually need to be removed, and the testicle will likely be removed, too. Because your child has two testicles, he may still be fertile (able to have children).

If your child's tumor is malignant, other treatments will likely be necessary, such as chemotherapy or radiation. More information is available on Children's nationally regarded oncology program.

About surgery for testicular tumors at Children's

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