Children's Special Diagnostics and Apnea Programs

Pulmonary Diagnostics and Apnea Program Minneapolis Campus

Provides diagnostic services to inpatients and outpatients requiring ventilatory control diagnostic testing, infant car seat evaluations and pulmonary function diagnostic testing. Serves preterm infants through young adults. Collaborates with Asthma Clinic, Cystic Fibrosis Program and area schools. Diagnostic services are provided by Cardiopulmonary Technologists (Respiratory Therapists with additional training and experience).

The Apnea Program is located within Pulmonary Diagnostics. This program is staffed by RNs to evaluate, provide comprehensive education to care givers and outpatient clinical management for infants requiring home apnea monitoring. Infant and child CPR training is provided to families of inpatients as ordered.

Medical Direction is provided by Pulmonology. Staff includes:

  • Patient Care Manager
  • Registered Nurses
  • Cardiopulmonary Technologists
  • Administrative Assistant

Special Diagnostic Center, Minneapolis campus

Provides a range of diagnostic and monitoring services to pediatric inpatients and outpatients from infants to young adults. Diagnostic testing is provided for neurology, urology, cardiac, audiology, endocrinology and other special procedures. Sedation is administered (if necessary) by RNs under the medical direction of intensivists.

Medical Direction is provided by Intensivists. Staff includes:

  • Patient Care Manager
  • RNs
  • EEG/EKG Technologists
  • ECHO Sonographers
  • Support Services Supervisor
  • Medical Secretary

Special Diagnostics, St. Paul campus

This department provides a range of diagnostic testing including infant car seat evaluations, newborn hearing screening, ventilatory control diagnostic testing, overnight respiratory recordings, gastroesophageal testing, and complex polysomnography with multiple sleep latency testing. Patients served range from preterm infants to young adults.

Co-Medical Direction is provided by Neonatology and Pediatric Sleep Disorder Physicians. Staff includes:

  • Patient Care Manager
  • Clinical/Technical Supervisor
  • Cardiopulmonary Technologists
  • Coordinator
  • Medical Secretary

Infant Apnea/Pediatric Sleep Disorders Program, St. Paul campus

The program serves patients ranging from pre-term infants to young adults, depending on the diagnosis. Services provided include the coordination of inpatient or outpatient apnea or sleep disorder evaluations, comprehensive care giver education, clinical management for infant apnea related diagnosis, clinical/behavioral management for sleep disorder related diagnosis, equipment management and research.

Co-Medical Direction is provided by Neonatology and Sleep Disorder physicians. Staff includes :

  • Patient Care Manager
  • Staff RNs
  • Medical Secretary