Research/Clinical Trials

New clinical trial for toe walking

Investigators at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota have received funding for a randomized controlled trial comparing functional outcomes and quality of life between two treatment modalities, serial casting and two-pull carbon fiber solid ankle foot orthotics (AFOs) in children who toe walk. Serial casting has long been used as an effective treatment modality in the treatment of toe walking in patients with an ankle equinus contracture. Observationally at Children’s, two-pull carbon fiber solid AFOs have also been observed to be an effective treatment. Throughout this research study, investigators will be measuring and comparing dorsiflexion range of motion, percentage of time using a heel-toe gait pattern, balance and strength, as well as quality of life. 


Participation in new diabetes study

Children's has announced it is a participant in a new study of medications that have shown promise in slowing the progress of diabetes and, in some cases, restoring insulin-producing cells.

The study, conducted in collaboration with Sanford Medical Center (Sioux Falls, SD), will focus on the ability of the medications to halt the autoimmune attack as well as to regenerate the body's islet cells and, therefore, the progression of diabetes.


One-on-one yoga for children with cystic fibrosis

Yoga 6-13-11-B

"The growth of the CF research program has led to increased participation in nationally supported research and the development of local investigator-initiated studies," said John McNamara, MD, Medical Director of Children's Cystic Fibrosis (CF)program. "After learning from our initial survey study that children with CF are struggling with anxiety, musculoskeletal pain and sleep problems, we implemented targeted physical therapy and yoga protocols to help reduce these symptoms. The results of these studies and other research projects in the pipeline will increase our national presence and lead to the ability to initiate multi-centered trials."